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Ever since the first carnival in 1960 which at the time was to raise funds to build a youth centre, the carnival has supported our local community. The carnival has continued to support our local community and we are pleased to announce the chosen beneficiaries for this year.

They are, Woodley First Responder Group, Me2 club, Woodley Food Bank and Just Around The Corner. Committee chairman Peter Jacobs said, "Making the final decision on each of the primary beneficiaries is always a challenge with so many deserving local good causes!   We are now taking nominations for next year’s carnival, if selected they would receive a proportion of the funds raised from the 2019 Carnival".

2017 Donations awarded

Last year the carnival raised £10,000 for the nominated charities and in accordance with the Carnival Constitution, the committee has awarded cheques to each of the beneficiaries. The selected local good causes were, Wokingham Link Visiting Scheme, Woodley First Responder Group, WADE day centre and Woodley Food Bank, each received a cheque for £2,000 with the rest being shared among other good causes in the local community.

In 2016, more than £8k was raised by Woodley Community Carnival which was split between primary beneficiaries, Berkshire multiple sclerosis therapy centre, Me2 club, Camp Mohawk and Woodley pre-school, with the rest being shared among other good causes in the local community.

What's the donation process?

We are keen for our chosen beneficiaries to be involved with the organisation of the carnival, we will ask how you will be able to support us/help on Carnival Day. e.g. provide stewards/volunteers, help on the gates or participate in the procession

If you would like to nominate a local community group, societies, club or organisations to be a beneficiary of the 2019 carnival, then please email us with the following information:

Please email with the following information.

  • Name of group or organisation
  • State if you are a charity and if so your registered number
  • Contact details: Name, Position, Telephone Number
  • What does your group, charity/organisation do? Who do you help?
  • What will our donation help you to do?
  • Please detail how you think you can help on Carnival Day

The Carnival Chairman will have the final vote on the charities selected.

In accordance with the Carnival’s Constitution; The committee reviews all donation requests submitted throughout the year, and make their final selections from a short list in early February in readiness for the carnival. All nominations for 2019 need to be received by Wednesday 31st January 2019.

Following the carnival each year the grand total is formally submitted to the Woodley Carnival Accountant. Once funds are confirmed, the official figure is submitted to the Carnival Committee to formally donate.

The pennies collected during our processions are kept by the procession entries themselves.