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The carnival is not organised by Woodley Town Council; it is not funded from the taxes you pay; we are a registered charity.   We do rely on the support of the local community and your generosity to hold the event each year.

Carnival Day this year cost £11,500.   This is broken down into 5 key areas which we have to have in place to gain a licence to hold the event.

  • First Aid -
  • We all understand the need for medical cover; the cost of this is around £1000

  • Fencing -
  • This is not just to keep people out but also to keep people in. When a call for a missing child goes out the gates are closed until that child is found. Safety is paramount; the cost of this is around £3000

  • Security -
  • Local Police are not required to attend private events.    Our hired Security also ensure the procession proceeds through the streets of Woodley safely with minimal disruption to the traffic flows of both private and municipal transport; the cost of this is around £4000

  • Toilets -
  • Well when you need them you need them!   The cost of this is around £1500

  • Insurance -
  • We all need to know should the unexpected happen we are covered; the cost of this is around £2000

These baseline costs are the main reason we have to charge an entry fee, this year the entry charge raised £11,000 so slightly short of covering the 5 key costs above.

We also gain income by charging for stalls on the field.   We have three price categories: Charity, Craft and Commercial.   These fees generally cover any gate shortfall and help pay for the signage around Woodley, programme design, printing, distribution costs and the guys on the gate (our local secondary schools) who receive a donation for their hard work. Of course there are lots more costs and our accounts are on the Charity website if you’re interested in more detail.

In recent years we have made a very small profit averaging £2,500 a year which is in line with our philosophy.   Whilst we aim to raise money for charitable funds, we also act as a conduit for local organisations to raise their own money by attendance at the event.   Last year charities with stalls on the field raised on average £700 each on the day.   We also need to acknowledge the kind donations from our local businesses which allows us to keep the entry fee low.

One question we are asked every year is why we don’t do the evening event any more.   Well you’ve seen the costs for the afternoon, the evening is very similar.   If we keep it simple and have a concert band with fireworks, we need

  • A stage
  • Sound system
  • Generators
  • Additional security
  • Better toilets

This amounts to another £14,000 more if we have a tribute band.   This means we would need to increase the entry fee to cover all these costs.   We would also need many more helpers to run the evening.   Carnival day for the voluntary committee starts at 7am and following the evening concert, they do not get to leave the field until the early hours of Sunday morning.

To summarise we believe the Carnival is good value for money.   We would love to put on the evening concert again but can only do this with a committed group of additional individuals dedicated to this event.   If this is something you think you would like to explore with us please contact the chair.

For the day event as with the evening, we need to charge a price that covers the costs sufficiently to not make a loss.

To hold a day that celebrates the community spirit in Woodley costs money, we try our very best to deliver an annual event that is fun, inclusive and affordable to the population of the town.


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