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Ever since the first carnival in 1960 which at the time was to raise funds to build a youth centre, the carnival has supported our local community. The Woodley Community Carnival continues to survive against the odds, many similar carnivals have long disappeared or are struggling to continue, we put our success down to the fantastic engagement we receive from the local community and the platform it provides for Woodley groups, clubs and businesses to showcase themselves.

This year, our 59th Carnival has been a tough one for the committee, rising costs and local sponsors tightening their belts have meant a lower upfront income than usual. The Carnival is self-funding relying on sponsorship and the fee paid on the gates as you enter, we are an independent charity and are not subsidised or funded from your local taxes.

From 2015-2018 we have been able to donate 18k to local good causes. Last year we made a surplus of 3k and have made the decision to re-invest this back into the Carnival. This will help us put on better Carnival's and make sure we are still here to celebrate at 70! That said we are very much looking forward to a fantastic afternoon of family entertainment followed by the evening concert and fireworks display.

The pennies collected during our processions are kept by the procession entries themselves.