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Useful Information

We are always delighted to have our local schools participating in the procession.

Frequently asked questions

  • What insurance do I need?
    The schools off site insurance is required to cover those travelling on the vehicles as that element of the insurance is not covered by the vehicle insurance.
  • Are the lorries covered to carry passengers on the back?
    If the lorry is arranged through us checks will have been made to ensure the vehicle is taxed and has a valid MOT. We also get confirmation from the insurance company that the vehicle insurance is valid while participating in the procession
  • Can we use our own vehicle/lorry?
    Yes, you just need to ensure you have confirmation from the insurance company that the vehicle insurance is valid while participating in the procession and that is taxed and has a valid MOT

Local business man Jeff Cahill of MCH Vehicle Rental and BDT Transport Ltd has kindly offered 8 lorries for schools to use, these are arranged through us. We also help with the cost of the lorry by paying the first £120 (which normally covers any charges) for the driver’s time.

General information:

The procession will leave from Comet Way, Woodley, Reading, RG5 4NZ at exactly 11am. Everyone who is participating in the procession must be in position by 10.30. When approaching comet way with vehicles participating in the procession please only enter from Bader way end, there will be no entry from Hurricane way.

Your position in the procession will be known to the marshals on duty so please ask anyone in a yellow t-shirt or a high vis jacket. There will be 11 of us so you should be able to find someone. We respectfully ask you to co-operate with the marshals, if requested to move a vehicle or people there will be a good reason.

We are mindful of lorry fumes and the safety of all participants especially children and will do our very best to ensure they are safe, however the children in your group remain the responsibility of the lead adult and must be kept safe and under supervision at all times.

We have a rolling road closure in place which means there will be cars waiting to pass or join the road we are on, just keep an eye out for cars from side roads, we will have marshals with lollypop boards but awareness is important for all.

There are three stops on route these will vary in length and vary depending on where you are in the procession, the back takes longer to stop obviously. Please take the opportunity to drink and have a snack, having enough water with you is vital especially if it’s hot, the carnival team DO NOT have a water supply. You need to be completely self-sufficient on route.

We will have a first aid vehicle at the back of the procession so if anyone needs treatment its available.

The procession passes lots of people on its way to the memorial ground so it’s an ideal opportunity to collect for your organisation or other charity, please bring collection buckets, but do not allow children on floats to hold them we discourage the throwing of coins from the pavement for health and safety issues. On average, we are informed that a bucket collection will yield between £80-£120.

We will enter the memorial field at approx. 1.30pm and ask that you keep together as a group and pass to the Haddon road gate before breaking off to enjoy the event. We want the people on the field to be able to experience the procession in its entirety.

Once we are through the gathered spectators you are at leisure to enjoy the rest of event.

On route the procession will be judged by some VIPs so keep the noise levels and energy levels up, you never know who and when they will be watching!

There is a prize of £150 for the best school for charity float and cups for best walking entry and commercial entry. There will be announcements when you enter the memorial field and certificates and trophies awarded at the last stop in Fosters lane.