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This year we have 4 classes of stalls, Charity, Community, Craft, and Commercial.

Definition of "Charity Stall": For the self-promotion of a charity. You must have a valid charity commission number.

Definition of "Community Stall": For the self-promotion of a local group.

Definition of "Craft Stall": Is someone who creates or makes unique items/objects with a high degree of hand-made, physical and/or intellectual input using traditional or contemporary skills.

Definition of "Commercial Stall": there is sufficient "service to customer".

Definition of "Hot Food": Anyone selling hot food such as chips, burgers, crepes, doughnuts, etc.

We are fully booked for hot food stalls and are unable to accept bookings for any more. Please try again next year.

This year we are allowing a maximum of 6 helpers per pitch. You will be allocated 2 wristbands for free. The remainder will have to be purchased at £1.00 per band. They can either be purchased now, or on the morning of the Carnival. If a wristband is purchased after 12:00 on the 8th June, then the full price (£4.00) will need to be paid. If you need more than 6 helpers, they will have to pay the full price.

Please enter your charity commission number and click find to find your organisation