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Woodley Community First Responders


In todays news we hear from Woodley Community First Responders, one of the four charities (Me2 Club, JAC - Just Around the Corner and Woodley Food Bank), that the carnival is supporting this year

Woodley Community First Responders are a team of volunteers. They all have everyday lives and jobs. The only difference being they dedicate any spare time they have to being 'on call' with the Ambulance Service.

Working in partnership with South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), they respond to 999 emergency calls in the Woodley and surrounding areas. The fundamental aim is to deliver immediate care, to those who need it the most, as soon as possible

Dispatched as an additional resource, along with an Ambulance crew to back them up, they can usually make it to a patient within minutes of their initial call - this of course can be the difference in helping to save a life.

They are community funded and community based. We had a chat with Anne Yousif, who is a Team Leader.


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