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Just Around the Corner


News from JAC - Just Around the Corner, one of the four charities (Woodley Community First Responders, Me2 Club and Woodley Food Bank) we are supporting this year.

JAC was founded by Sam & Yvonne Milligan in 1998. During that time tens of thousands of young people have been encouraged and supported on the streets in Woodley and the surrounding area. Their first ever vehicle was the much-loved red bus! The detached teams are still out regularly in Woodley engaging with young people on ‘their turf’, walking with them, getting to know them and supporting them in their struggles.

Some years ago, to give people (especially our re-cycled youth and those more isolated in our community) a place to sit and chat. This was at a time when there were few other coffee shops in the area and although there is more choice now, people still come to the JAC van where prices are low and the welcome is warm. Come rain or shine you can find the JAC van parked outside Nationwide Building Society in the Woodley precinct every Thursday morning between 10.00 and 12.00.

These are just two examples of the support they provide to our community but there are many different aspects of JAC’s work including Equine Assisted Learning, in school support and mentoring programmes. In January this year they also launched “journey to independence” house in Woodley. Helping our young people to experience living in a home where they will start their true journey into independence.

We had a chat with Sam Milligan to find out more…


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